Behind the lenses
and underneath
the shutter button,
there is Vermount

—a group of passionate individuals sharing the same adoration for everlasting love and holding the same belief that every moment should be cherished.

Our days in Vermount are always filled with endless desires, challenges, and explorations in order to deliver the best for you and your loved ones. It is an honor to be given the opportunity and your trust. In return, we would like to pour our hearts into capturing your journey with the highest quality and service.

Above anything else,
we truly believe that
listening and understanding
come first before bringing
your imaginations to life.

So please, tell us all about your wildest dreams. We would love to hear all about them!

There’s no other place like us—Vermount is passion, service, and value, you, and your very best moment. Come and embark on a journey of love through photographs with our hands to guide you. See you soon!

Our Vision

To capture one of
the finest moments in
our clients’ life—
their wedding day.

Our mission

Listen to your desire

Explore new ideas

Work professionally
and punctually

Provide personal guidance

Deliver the finest results

Meet the Figures
Behind the Lenses

our price list